What Happens in Vegas…

Viva Las Vegas!  I gave a little preview of my Vegas vaca in my last post, but I thought I would share some memories and a few photos with you all today!  This was my first trip to Vegas, so a 30th birthday bash was definitely the best time to experience it!  I’ve always been curious about Vegas, and I knew I wanted to go at some point.  We drove through it twice in our “Year of Many Moves”, and it just seemed so odd to me that there was this huge city with these massive hotels in the middle of the desert.  It looks out-of-place to me when you fly over or drive on the outskirts!


I flew out on the morning of my actual birthday, April 11th.  Matt had paid for a first class upgrade for me, which meant I got to go into the first class security line – sweet!  Once I got through security, I found the next perk to flying first class – the Alaska Board Room & free drinks/mimosas!  They have the coolest Starbucks coffee machine in there!  I made a latte, ate some breakfast and headed upstairs to find the bar!  It was 5 o’clock somewhere, right?… London maybe…?  The lady working the bar was so nice, and LOUDLY wished me a Happy Birthday.  You know those moments where you feel like everyone in the room is looking at you?  Yeah, it was one of those kinds of moments… which was fine – as most of you know I LOVE birthday attention!  Since I’d only had a yogurt and coffee for breakfast, that one mimosa went straight to my head, so I decided to lay off the booze once I got on the plane (meanwhile, everyone else was getting their Vegas game face on and ordering Bloody Mary’s….).


Fast forward… airport to hotel to dinner.  We got dressed up and caught a cab from Treasure Island, where we were originally going to be staying, to the Paris Hotel for our romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant.  GORGEOUS!  I was just in awe of all the lights and gorgeous buildings!  We got upstairs and were seated at our table.  We had the BEST view, looking straight at the Bellagio fountains!  (I was absolutely fascinated and obsessed… you’ll see.)  Matt was looking at me funny, so I finally asked him what was going on… he asked me if I had noticed that no one else in the restaurant had roses or rose petals on their table… awww!  We had a delicious dinner (Matt’s steak definitely beat my halibut), followed by my complimentary chocolate mousse dessert – so cute!  Now it was time for the fun to begin!

As you saw in my earlier post, I rode a mechanical bull.  You only turn 30 once, right??  Now, let’s be honest here – I definitely needed liquid courage to do this, accompanied by the encouragement of 4 guys… it was a BLAST!  I was beyond nervous – what if my shirt flips up? Are my underwear showing? What if I land on my face?  Oh forget it, let’s do this!  I didn’t last long, though… I was doing fine until it started to spin in circles… and if you remember, I had some liquid courage going into this, and I didn’t want to revisit that, plus my lovely dinner, so I bailed.  After I went, most of the guys all went too – I have never laughed so hard in my life!  Best birthday of my life – thank you to Matt, Dave, Hisham, & Kyle for making my 30th so memorable!


The rest of the trip was relaxation, sight-seeing, and shopping!  Matt’s awesome coworker, Kevin, was able to hook us up with 3 free nights at the Wynn… floor to ceiling picture windows facing the strip… fabulous!  (Thank you again, Kevin!)  We did a little gambling, too – I won $127 from $20! Not much, but better than nothing at all!


Friday I laid by the Wynn pool, which was gorgeous, and we wandered the strip that night at ate some of the best pasta I’ve ever had at Trevi in Caesar’s Palace.  This was when I fell in love with the Bellagio fountains… I could have stood there and watched them for hours!


Saturday was Matt’s Hoover Dam day and my outlet mall shopping day… I will admit, I was not looking forward to Hoover Dam, but the drive was pretty and it ended up being a pretty cool experience.

Saturday night we ate sushi at a yummy place in the Palazzo called SushiSamba.  I know what some of you are thinking – Matt doesn’t eat sushi… True.  When Matt and I first met, he was very anti-sushi.  He’d had a bad experience a few years earlier, so sushi was not something he cared to eat again.  However, he’d eaten at SushiSamba earlier in the week for a big work dinner, and he was hooked! YAY! (We’ve since gone to sushi back home too!) So we had a fun night of sushi and gambling… it’s amazing how fast $60 can go at a blackjack table… ouch.

So there you have it… Vegas! Judging by this blog post, I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there (especially if you like to blog!)… 🙂



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