On the road again…

Well, as you may have noticed, Dishing With Des hasn’t seen much love recently… no, it isn’t that lazy bug biting me again. 😉  We moved! Yes, again!  We are now closer to our Northwest roots, and have relocated to the Greater Seattle area.  The Phoenix job Matt was offered just wasn’t all it was promised to be, and, lets face it, it’s just too stinkin hot there!  About a month back, Matt was contacted by a company in Seattle.  They liked what they saw, and asked him to fly up for an interview!  Long story short, here we are!  Today was his first day – so far so good!  We are temporarily living with my sister until we can figure out where we want to live – we don’t want to make another “sight unseen” decision like the apartment in Phoenix (that’s another story for another day).  I PROMISE TO GET BACK TO BLOGGING SOOOOON!  Seriously!  I adore you guys, and thank you for your patience with me and our new transition.

Happy Dishing!


Dish About It!

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