Hit the road, Jack!

Well friends, I have news!  Dishing with Des will soon be coming to you from sunny, warm Phoenix, Arizona!  Matt has accepted a FABULOUS job in the Scottsdale area, so we will be relocating very soon!  His last day of work is next Thursday, the 3rd, and my last day in Missoula will be February 24th.  He’ll drive down there and get us settled into an apartment by next weekend, and I’ll be here packing and getting everything else ready to go.  Wow, so much to do!

I’m so very excited for this move for so many reasons, one of them being a bigger, nicer kitchen!  The kitchen in our current apartment works fine, but if I start getting multiple pans and things going at the same time, chaos ensues! If I’m standing at the stove, Matt can’t get by me – the true definition of a “one-butt kitchen”!  Also, our new apartment complex is installing a test kitchen in their clubhouse area!  The lady Matt spoke with said they will be bringing in pastry chefs & sous chefs to give demonstrations!  So excited for that!  There are so many wonderful things to look forward to!  (Including… lots of new, yummy restaurants!!!!!)

With this move, I will probably deactivate the “My Local Faves” page since most of my readers are in Missoula.  This will allow me to give more attention to the “Favorite Recipes” page (which is currently blank 😦 ) and possibly replace it with a new page?  Any suggestions?  I’d love to hear them!

So, for now, I will continue dishing from cold Missoula… see you soon, sunshine!

Happy Dishing!




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